Supported Living

FutureCare provides private care and home care services to residents of Glenvale Villas Supported Living in

Looking for that additional care accommodation or an alternative to a nursing home, a retirement village that has
care, you can bring your FutureCare home care package with you to Glenvale Villas. Accommodation with care that
provides fun, friendship and freedom. For more information about Glenvale Villas click link below to visit the
Glenvale Villas website.

Just give us a call on (07) 4634 6302 and we can help you with a care plan that will keep you independent and
leading the life you want to live.

Glenvale Villas, Acknowledged as Queensland’s best

Glenvale Villas is a vibrant community providing a new lifestyle of aged care. Recently hailed as the best integrated living community for aged care by national industry experts, Glenvale Villas Supported Living is based on independence, not dependence. The entire community revolves around individual, self-contained homes and two vibrant community centres. The first masterplanned community in Toowoomba, Glenvale Villas mix of continuous care and lifestyle is a new and proven direction in aged care.

Fully self-contained homes

Glenvale Villas homes are self-contained and are twice as large as a conventional nursing home room. Featuring a full kitchen, separate bedroom, dining, living area and laundry. And, it’s your home, you can furnish it just the way you want and even make changes and decorate it the way you like.

With a full kitchen, cooking your favourite meals or entertaining your friends and family at home is easy. If you don’t feel like cooking some days, just pop down to our community centre restaurant or we’ll deliver.

supported living

24 hour continuous care & support

supported living

Innovative and affordable care is one of Glenvale Villas biggest strengths. The Continuous Care model delivers levels of care that change as you need them, from low care to dementia care general nursing, all in the privacy of your own Glenvale Villas home.

The Continuous Care model is the best way to stay independent for as long as possible, and with couples able to stay together, many never need to move ever again, providing real peace of mind for the family members and loved ones.

supported living

Individualised care with no hidden fees

Paying for more care than you need can be costly. At Glenvale Villas there are no hidden fees, and care is
completely individualised, residents are only charged for what they use, and when they use it.
It can potentially save thousands.

Supported Living costs and eligibility

There are no government eligibility requirements to enter supported living. Costs will depend on the services you are wanting. For more information contact your local FutureCare representative today.