Private Home Care

Need private care at home, top up care, flexible care when and how you want? If you are waiting to be assessed for Home Care Package, or don’t meet the eligibility requirements, private care may be the answer for you.

Our Private Home Care gives you that little bit of extra friendly assistance to keep you going, whether it’s cleaning, home maintenance, personal care, help with medication, transport to the doctors or social trips, the choice is yours. We can work with you to keep you living a happy and healthy life.

Private care is care that is not subsidised by the government, there is no waiting times, eligibility issues, you can choose the care when you need it. Private care services are provided by our trained competent nurses, all certified and managed by our director of care.

Just give us a call on 4634 6302 and we can help you with a care plan that will keep you independent and leading the life you want to live.

Private Home Care costs and eligibility

There are no government eligibility requirements to receive private care. Costs will depend on the services you are wanting. For more information contact your local FutureCare representative today.