Medical Alarm Pendant, 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring,
available with Home Care Packages

FutureCare can also provide the innovative SafeTcare medical alarm pendant and monitoring with a eligible Home Care Package. The safeTcare Medical Alarm Pendant is Australia’s best monitored personal emergency alert system, perfect for anybody concerned about their ability to react or recover from a fall or other dangerous situations.

If there’s a fall, the SafeTwear device will automatically alert the Australian based alert centre. The pendant can also be activated by pressing the alert button if you feel you need help, either way, there’s 24/7 personal safety with you all day, every day.

medical alarm pendant

Automatic fall detection

A detected fall automatically connects to our 24/7
response and monitoring centre.

2 way voice communication

Speak and hear directly through the pendant.

Medical alert button

Traditional button push for help as well as fall detection.

Australia-wide coverage

No longer be restricted to “at home” use.
SafeTwear goes with you via GPS/Satellite tracking.

Trained medical professionals
waiting to assist you

The SafeTcare team is Australian based and on the line to assist you in seconds. 24 hours a day, every day, trained medical professionals stay on the line with you until help arrives so that you are never alone.

Our team highly trained team can see exactly where you are via GPS tracking system and have access to your medical history and contacts, including doctors and family members.

This enables them to send the right help to you anywhere, anytime.

medical alarm pendant
medical alarm pendant

Extra reassurance locked in with the secure key safe

medical alarm pendant

Emergency Medical Services keeps your lock code and where it is located along with your personal health records to pass on to ambulance services in our secure facility, the code will not be shared with any other, unless we have your instructions to do so. You may pass the code on to family or find it handy should you lock yourself out of your home accidently.

Saves time in an emergency and you a costly “break in”.

Our sturdy lock weighs more than ½ a kilo, easily attaches to the back of a door handle, security screen, security grill or anywhere its toughened shackle can attach.

Enquire today about SafeTcare inclusion in your Home Care Package.

Costs and eligibility

There are no government eligibility requirements to receive a Medical Alarm Pendant. Costs will depend on the services you are wanting. For more information contact your local FutureCare representative today.